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Equine Mortality Agent

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Full Mortality:

Protect your investment by insuring for Full Mortality of your horses’ value. This policy would provide coverage for death or humane destruction resulting from all risks.

We are able to insure your purchase the moment your ownership takes place, even at a claim’s race or a public auction.

Specified Perils:

Insure your horses against specific perils, such as fire, lightning or transport. For lower premium rates, this coverage would respond for a horse’s death or humane destruction due to the perils listed on the policy.

Stallion InfertilityStallion Infertility:

This policy would provide coverage should your stallion become totally and permanently infertile or impotent resulting from an accident, sickness or disease. The infertility coverage would indemnify the insured if the stallion is unable to cover the nominated broodmare through the breeding season.

Major MedicalMajor Medical:

Major Medical policies are available to broodmares, stallions and foals at least 90 days old. This coverage would reimburse Veterinary costs due to accident, illness, injury or disease.

(*not available for racing horses)

Race Horse Surgical:

An insurance coverage available for race horses, will reimburse surgical Veterinary procedures under general anesthesia.

Barrenness / Prospective Foal:

Policy providing coverage for an insured mare failing to conceive; also includes prospective foal coverage.

Prospective Foal

Prospective Foal:

Mortality insurance available for foals in utero (42 days or after) until a specified time after birth, typically 48 hours, 30 days or up to one year.