Frequently Asked Questions

If I am NOT a member of the N.H.B.P.A., can I purchase the Owners’ & Trainers’ Liability coverage?

Only members can participate in the N.H.B.P.A. Liability coverage for Owners & Trainers. However, if you include a separate membership payment of $200 with your application, we can send it to the N.H.B.P.A. on your behalf to establish coverage.

I don’t know if I am a current member of the N.H.B.P.A., what should I do?

Contact the N.H.B.P.A. directly at 1-866-245-1711 with questions regarding your membership status.

How is your Liability carrier rated?

StarNet Insurance Company (A Berkley company) is rated “A+” by Best & Company.

When does my Liability policy renew?

The N.H.B.P.A. Owners’ & Trainers’ policy is a Master policy, which runs from November 1 to November 1 each year. This means that all insureds on the policy will renew their coverage on November 1, regardless of when their coverage began.

How much does the N.H.B.P.A. Liability coverage cost?

Each rate is established by the total number of owned or trained horses, not just the horses going to certain tracks and facilities. For new clients, the rates per horse depend on the date the policy becomes effective. Renewing clients will pay the full annual amount per horse. All policies are subject to minimum premiums.

What if my number of owned / trained horses changes during the policy period?

If your number of horses increases by more than a few, please contact our office to amend your coverage.

What will I receive after I have sent my application and premium payment?

Upon receiving a completed state-appropriate application and correct premium payment, you will receive a Certificate of Insurance as proof of coverage. Any changes to your policy would be indicated on an Endorsement form.

Our office receives several hundred applications renewing on Nov. 1 each year, so certificates will be issued as time permits. Effective dates are set upon the receipt of completed forms and payment.