Full Mortality:

This policy provides coverage for death or humane destruction resulting from all risks. Coverage is usually provided on an annual basis and the horse must be sound and healthy at the inception of the policy period.

We are able to insure your horse the moment your ownership takes place, either at public auction or via the claiming ranks.

Infertility Coverage:

Often referred to as ASD coverage, this endorsement responds in the event your colt or stallion becomes totally and permanently infertile or impotent resulting from an accident, sickness or disease.

Once a colt has been retired to stud, a first season infertility policy can be purchased. This policy insures the stallion gets a predetermined percentage of qualified mares (typically 60%) in foal.

Major Medical:

The coverage is designed to reimburse you for reasonable & customary fees incurred for surgical or medical treatment, or diagnostic testing. Major Medical policies are available to broodmares, stallions and foals at least 90 days old.

(*not available for racing horses)

Specified Perils:

Insure your horses against specific perils, such as fire, lightning or transport. For lower premium rates, this coverage would respond for a horse’s death or humane destruction due to the perils listed on the policy.

Prospective Foal:

Insure that a mare will produce a live foal. Coverage can begin as early as 42 days confirmed in foal and expires at a predetermined period of time after the birth of the foal, typically 7 days, 30 days or one year after birth.

Barrenness + Prospective Foal:

Barrenness protects against a mare not getting in foal. Coverage is usually written with prospective foal coverage attached.


Matthew Delehanty

Equine Mortality Agent

matthew@lavininsurance.com | (502) 228-1600